Aug 18 2011

Stay old, lonely boy

Today is the kind of day where you wake up tired, but immediately throw on some music that changes the entire vibe of the morning.  ”Take it to the limit” by the Eagles is that kind of song right now.  I’ve had a week to procrastinate and relax by a good friend’s pool, and now feel that my energy has refilled just in time to kick-start the Ellusion Apparel engine.  After a short confusing misprinting of the fall line, the fiasco has been dealt with and hopefully fixed.  All of the first edition (second for some) prototypes will be completed on Friday and will be showcased on in beautiful technicolor.   At that time, I do suggest that you pick up  your jaw that just fell in your bowl of Captain Crunch, choose your favorite shirt and email your specifications to!


“Smell my finger!”

Aug 16 2011

We boycott haircuts, don’t we?


A cloudy Sunday evening closes the mid-August weekend quietly and we’re having a hard time accepting such a whimpering summer.  I was fortunate enough to spend my Friday and Saturday night with the best friends anyone could ask for.  I am also very grateful that those friends are the type of legitimate folk that will avoid primarily using permanent marker when shaming their passed-out comrade.

Suspended recovery took up the latter part of my weekend, however I regret nothing.

This week and the next will be busy and filled with printing new shirts, designing new Ellusion art and preparing the attire for our TASS Fashion Show 2011 models .   I will keep this post short and sweet and end it by expressing my excitement for the beginning of Ellusion Apparel.

Buckle up!